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Joining Wolfpack

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you. Our Wolfpack membership is open to anyone who has a love for running. We have 3 types of membership: Active, Recreational & Honorary.

ACTIVE members are those who train "consistently" with the team, get online/in-person coaching, and compete in a number of races throughout the year, including some of the PA Road/XC races. Active members are also required to register with the PA USATF as an official Wolfpack (Club #119), will wear the club uniform any time they compete in any type of race, and will commit to the club's fundraising efforts. These members get to take advantage of all the benefits that the club has to offer.

RECREATIONAL / COMMUNITY members are those who would like to compete and help represent the club at various local races, without the commitment to "team" races. Recreational members are encouraged to sign up with the PA USATF as Wolfpack, but are not required. These members may also qualify for some of the club's benefits and are welcome to any club functions and can always help out at any of the fundraising efforts we may have.

HONORARY/SOCIAL members are those who do not compete on a regular basis, but would like to stay in the know and help support the club. These members still receive some of the club's benefits and are invited to all club functions. Your donation to the club helps us continue special performance incentives for our active members and gets put in our team fund for social events.


Active members in good standing (dues paid and attended fundraisers) are eligible for all of the benefits listed below. Recreational & Honorary members are eligible for some of the benefits below (determined on a case-by-case basis):


The cost of membership helps pay for coaching, insurance, club USATF dues, website, team dinners/parties, and other club expenses. Membership is valid from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of each calendar year.

Uniforms and Apparel are available for any member in good standing (Club dues paid)

Ready to Join?

  1. To be an official member, please fill out our Club Membership Form (coming soon) and return it to the Coach Lisa along with your Club Dues.
  2. For Active members, register for your USATF membership and be sure to put in club #119 when asked.
  3. Contact Coach Lisa about setting up a training program and/or if you have any questions!